Wholesale of wooden base bottoms for haberdashery

Wooden bottoms for crocheting

Wholesale offer for wooden bottoms and lids

In the haberdashery warehouse we offer accessories for creative production at wholesale prices. We are a supplier of wooden bottoms and lids, which are made of plywood with a thickness of 3 mm. The ideal tool for crocheting various home and fashion accessories. You will find various designs, shapes and sizes in our online wholesale offer.

As the largest distributor of wooden bottoms for haberdashery, we offer following variants:

    • laser fired folk patterns
    • painted wooden bottoms
    • children’s patterns
    • dream catchers
    • laser engraved natural motives
    • side panels for handbags
    • set of wooden bottom and lid for handmade basket
    • wooden bottom for handbag
    • different sizes of wooden bottoms for basket

The wooden bottoms and creative aids can be further completed according to your own imagination. You can paint or varnish the surface. The surface of wooden plywood is not chemically treated. The laser can leave marks after firing. In our warehouse you can find more than 50 patterns of wooden bottoms.