Wholesale of crocheting hooks

Hook sets

The wholesale offer
of crocheting hooks

In the NOEZON haberdashery warehouse we offer the most commonly used types of hooks in sets at convenient wholesale prices:

  •      set of 11 hooks with handle size from 2 to 8 mm
  •      set of 9 steel hooks with handle size from 2 to 6 mm
  •      set of 10 hooks size from 0.5 to 2.75 mm
  •      set of bamboo hooks 12 sizes per set from 2 to 10 mm
  •      set of 12 metal hooks from 2 to 8 mm

Set of bamboo hooks

The package contains 12 pieces of bamboo hooks sizes from 2 to 10 mm. Bamboo wood is characterized by durability, strength and flexibility. The surface of the hook is smooth, polished and lacquered. Each hook has a laser-marked size on the surface. The hooks are lightweight and therefore suitable for long hours of crocheting without hand fatigue. The whole set is packed in a protective plastic case. The hooks are available to buy singly from the haberdashery wholesale store. Wooden hooks are suitable for crocheting with string and yarn.

Set of metal crochet hooks

We are a supplier of metal crochet hooks. Set of 12 hooks of various colours in sizes from 2 mm to 8 mm. The hook’s full body has a surface treatment against corrosion. Individual sizes of hooks can be recognized not only thanks to different colours but also engraved size numbers on the handle. The entire set of hooks is stored in a plastic package. The practical set offers basic size composition of the most used hooks which are suitable for knitting tighter patterns.

Set of crocheting hooks with handle

The practical set offers metal hooks with a shaped handle. The surface of the handle is smooth with a silicone composition. The size of the hook can be found at the bottom of the handle. The metal tip has a light silver colour and the size of each hook has its own specific colour. There are 9 hook sizes from 2 mm to 6 mm in the set. These crocheting hooks are lightweight, with a comfortable grip and a warm feeling. The set is offered in a practical plastic case, where each hook has its place. This set is suitable for beginners, but also for longer crochet.

Set of 10 pieces crocheting hooks

In the wholesale offer, we have a unique set of the smallest crocheting hooks. The set contains 10 pieces of coloured crochet hooks. It is a combination of a metal steel hook with a plastic handle. Sizes are from 0.50 mm to 2.75 mm. The handle is smooth, ergonomically shaped and pleasant to touch. Each hook has the size marked on the handle. However, the sizes also differ in various colours. The whole set is stored in a hard plastic case. Hooks are lightweight and suitable for crocheting tight and accurate patterns and lace.

Set of 11 pieces crocheting hooks

The package includes up to 11 hook sizes with an ergonomically shaped rubber handle and a steel hook. The shaped handle is soft, delicate and marked with the size of each hook. Hooks are various colours. Set contains sizes from 2 mm to 8 mm. Hooks are lightweight, comfortable to hold, with a warm feeling. Hooks are suitable for crocheting with yarn but also with a string. The whole set is in a practical plastic case, where each hook has its place. The online haberdashery store offers sets of hooks for beginners as well as for advanced customers.